We look forward to seeing your ideas and designs. Keep smiling and having fun.

Love from your teachers

Mrs Blackburn, Mrs Leafe, Mrs Garner

Mrs Gibbs, Mrs Hayley, Miss Rob

Hempshill Hall

​Primary School

Welcome to F1

 â€‹Hello F1 children!

We hope you are all enjoying spending time at home with your families. We are missing you all and have been thinking about you lots and lots! It has been great to see some of your learning in the emails your parents have been sending to us and we have enjoyed speaking to your parents and hearing about how everything is at home.

There are lots more ideas here on the school website for you to try at home. We know you will be trying your best with everything you are doing at home and we are very proud to think that you will be showing your parents how interested and excited you are about all that you are doing and learning. 

We have been so lucky to have all this lovely weather. So remember you can go out in your garden or yard (as long as your parents say so). Maybe you could chalk a picture on the ground or on a wall and take a photo to email to us.

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