Welcome to F2

Hi Dragonflies and Butterflies!

We hope you are all ok and enjoying home learning. We have really enjoyed seeing the photos and videos your parents have sent us - it looks like you are having lots of fun! It has been really nice to talk to your mums and dads on the phone and hear what you have been doing at home.

We have also been very busy! Here are a few things we have been doing… Mrs Waite has been playing football and playing on the trampoline with her boys. It has been their birthday, they had a lovely chocolate cake! Mrs Belton’s daughter also had a birthday, she had lots of new toys. The Frozen castle was her favourite! Miss Sewell has been spending lots of time playing in the garden with her little boy and has visited her family, but has stayed safe and only waved at them through the window. Mrs Chamberlain has done lots of painting with her little boy and has sent some of the pictures he made to her family. They have read some books, and played in the garden. Mrs Sandor has been busy doing some gardening, lots of digging and planting. She has been on lots of walks and baked some delicious cakes! Mrs Hobster has been busy decorating her house, playing board games with her girls, lots of gardening and washing her car!

The teachers are checking their emails everyday so keep sending us photos and videos!

Parents, please email in if we can help with anything at all.We miss you all and hope to see you soon 

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