Hempshill Hall

​Primary School

Hempshill Hall Primary School has always valued and promoted its international dimensions. The school actively seeks to enhance the unique diversity which exists through the intake of the school and community and tries to provide wide experiences for all pupils.

What we do

Global Dimensions

We encourage our wider community to be involved in as many activities as possible. This year friends of the school were invited to join us during international week, for Spanish café and to our concerts. If you have any ideas for any activities that we could carry out at school linked to the global dimension, please see Mrs Mawson who would be happy to receive your thoughts.

This year the children have been involved in a wide range of activities linked to the Global Dimension. These include Black History Month, International Week, Christmas Around the World, Songs from Around the World and Spanish Café. Children in a range of classes have also had the opportunity to learn about our partner schools in Rwanda and Spain. We are also very excited about a new school link which year five will be developing next year with a school in India.

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We wish to develop children’s knowledge and understanding of the wider world and their place in it so they may become aware of social issues and begin to recognize discrimination and injustice. We wish to ensure that our pupils are active members of the community who realise the importance of helping and supporting others in both the local and global community.