Our Topics for this Year

In RE, we will learn about the features of places of worship, focussing on churches and synagogues as a part of the Christian and Jewish faiths.  We are fortunate to have close links with Saint Patrick’s church in Nuthall and we have arranged a visit here during this half term.  More details will be sent out soon.

This half term is based on Superheroes, fictional, real life and historical.

On the launch day, the children will take part in a Superhero Training school. They will spend the whole day learning how to be superheroes through various tasks and will receive certificates if they successfully graduate!

The children will learn about a range of real and fictional superheroes and how all of us can be superheroes in our own way by doing something positive for others.We will find out more about people who are real life heroes in their everyday jobs – fire fighters, police, paramedics etc.

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Thank you for supporting your child with their reading at home.  Just a reminder that your child should be reading at home at least 4 times a week, please add a short note in the Comment Book. Each week all reads are counted and prizes are given to reward and encourage regular reading.

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