In Year 2 we will also use the book ‘Wonder’ by RJ Palacio. Using this book, we will discuss how all the children are unique and wonderful in their own way and how everyone has a right to be accepted. We will celebrate our differences and find out about some key historical figures who were different and did wonderful things. We will draw self-portraits, paying attention to the details on our faces which make us unique. We will explore the work of Picasso and learn how he used different shapes, patterns and colour to represent the human face.

A warm welcome into Year 2. We are looking forward to getting to know all the children and finding out about all the things that interest them and make them special. We are starting the term with a whole school theme based on community. With the external input of Adam Pepper we will follow the journey of an immigrant through a variety of resources and films. The children will study the experiences of children forced to flee their countries and find a new home to fit into. They will sequence their journeys, explore their emotions and get into the minds of the children in the films they see. By the end of the two day launch, they will know what an immigrant is, why they are leaving their homes and how their hopes are tied into a new life in a new country.

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We will study the life of Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole and use film and drama to help the children understand what life might have been like before they did wonderful things which brought about change. We will find out about how to keep our bodies fit and healthy and how good hygiene plays a vital role in this. We will carry out and experiment with glitter to show how germs are spread. We will plan and carry out an investigation to try and find out if boys can do more star jumps in one minute than girls. We will collect and analyse data and try and understand what factors are actually influencing the outcomes.

In Year 2 the children will start swimming at school. This always causes great excitement and a little bit of worry! Please try and ensure your child swims every week as the progress they can make is amazing. No jewellery may be worn at all in the swimming pool due to health and safety reasons.If you have any questions or worries please either write a message in your child’s comment book or pop in and see one of us after school.

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