Over the next half term, we will be using the school grounds and local area to find out about trees, plants and flowers that grow in our local environment. We will be reading different stories which all have a common theme to help encourage the children to appreciate the natural beauty of the world around them. We will be finding out about how to take care of our local areas in order for everyone to be able to enjoy them. The children will grow plan different experiments using cress and investigate why some plants grow well and things that might prevent this. We will find out about how new plants grow and look for seeds in fruits and vegetables.

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The highlight of the half term will be our camping trip to Wollaton Park and all the children are very excited about this forthcoming event! We will do follow up work related to the trip back at school. In the last couple of weeks we will be preparing the children for transition into Year 3. We will be sad to see them leave as we are very proud of them and all the progress they have made in Year 2. We wish them well.