In history, we will be learning about ‘Grace Darling’ and how her heroic actions saved the lives of many terrified people. We will launch this work by showing the children a variety of artefacts and pictures so they can try and use the sources to collect information and try to piece together the story  We will use a lovely short film called ‘The Lighthouse’ to show the children how dangerous the rough sea can be and why lighthouses are still important.

Our Topics for this Year

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The topic will focus on the British Isles and the animals and birds you would expect to find living in Britain.  The Katie Morag stories, which are set in the Inner Hebrides, are always particularly enjoyed by the children.  The children will compare and contrast life in a remote village with Bulwell and Nottingham. We will visit Bulwell to look at the key features of a small town and then contrast it with Coll. The children will study simple maps and create their own island maps with keys.  In numeracy, we will be focusing on using all four number operations in calculations and in word problems. We will be learning to tell the time accurately and revisiting measurement, 2 and 3D shapes and fractions.  We will also be revisiting lots of other key areas before the children complete their assessments during the month of May.

The children will all be involved in SATs, but we do try to ensure that the process is very low key, incorporating most of the work into our normal classroom routine. Please try and ensure that your child is in school every day during this time. If you have any questions please come and see one of us at the end of the school day.

We are also starting to get very excited about our up coming camping trip! We will be sending out more information soon and letting you know the date of the pre trip meeting. It is still not too late for your child to put their name down if they have changed their mind and would like to come.

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We are looking forward to a very busy half term! We will launch the topic with an exciting film day delivered by ‘Mr Pepper’ and the children will be watching clips from ‘The Red Turtle’. This will raise lots of questions about the sea and the creatures that live in it. This will then lead beautifully onto our work about Mr Grinling ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’. Mr Grinling is a very forgetful lighthouse keeper and he is always having some sort of catastrophe which allows the children to be really creative with their ideas and they will be writing their own well planned, imaginative and sequenced stories. The topic will focus on seaside life and coastal regions. The children will be finding out how people used to have day trips to the seaside but now we can fly anywhere in the world.

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