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Hello Year 3,

First of all, we would just like to say that we miss you all lots! We know that this is a very odd time for everybody. We hope that you are enjoying some time at home with your families, even though life is very different at the moment. Just remember, we will be back together!

It has been so lovely to chat to most of your families (and even some of you) recently and to hear about all the wonderful things that you have been doing. We’re particularly impressed that so many of you are doing Joe Wick’s workout every morning at home. We’re also really proud that you have been managing to do some amazing learning at home. We have loved receiving your emails and hearing about the learning you have been doing. All the photos we have been sent are awesome. We have heard that some of you are learning new skills like cooking, telling the time and tying your shoelaces, which we think is great!

Remember, this is a weird and sometimes scary time for everyone. Be kind to your parents, your brothers and sisters and anybody else you see – can you offer to help with the washing up? Or draw someone a lovely picture? Even a smile goes a long way!

Keep up the incredible work Year 3! We have now launched our home learning projects which gives you lots of task to have a go at every week! Check them out and then email us letting us know what you did!

We continue to be so proud of you all and we can’t wait to see you when we go back to school!

Mr McGrath and Miss Westwood