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What we do

The children are doing a great job working towards their reading rewards so far this year. We would be grateful if you could also support your child with their reading at home. We expect a weekly minimum of 3 ‘reads’ which should be recorded in comment books and signed by a parent/carer.

If you have any problems or require a meeting with any of the teachers for any reason, please come in or ring to make an appointment (preferably at the end of the school day).

We look forward to continuing to work with you all this half term.

Mrs Bond, Mr Wright, Miss Strike, Miss Bowers and Mrs Francis

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Welcome back after the half term break – we hope you had lots of fun and are well rested!

Our topic for the upcoming half term is the Vikings. We will be learning about how this fascinating group of people came to Britain and will explore how they lived their lives. This will include finding out about the boats they used for their invasions and the Gods that they worshipped. We will also be taking part in our own Viking raid!

Towards the end of the half term, we are excited to have taken advantage of an opportunity to go Ice Skating with the Nottingham Panthers. We will be able to spend some time watching the team train and will then join them on the ice for what we are sure will be an enjoyable day

Year 5

Our Topics for this Year

The lead up to Christmas is always a busy time and as usual, there are many other events taking place (please keep an eye out for the dates in the newsletter).We would like to remind you that weekly homework in Year 5 will be given out and taken in on the following days:

Given Out
Due In